What is cerebrum function and how does it work?

Your brain works by using an extensive  network of neural circuits also knows as nerve cells.The comunication between neurons both electrically and chemically which always travels from the dendrites of a neuron, the soma, the axon, the dendrites of another neuron.

A neuron dendrites receive signals from other neurons through axons chemicals called neurotransmitters. Neuro-transmitters produce electrochemical charging in soma. Soma integrates information which is then transmitted electrochemically on the axon.

The science of the cerebrum function

Scientists have 2 directions in their study about cerebrum function. One direction is the study of cerebrum functions as a part of the brain was destroyed. Functions that disappear or are no longer normal after certain regions of the brain injury can often be associated with damaged areas. The second direction is to study cerebrum responses to direct stimulation or stimulation of certain sense organs. The neurons are grouped by their function in groups of cells called cores. These cores are connected to the engine and other systems sensors. People can study cerebrum functions of pain and achievement, motor, olfactory, visual, auditory, and other systems that measure physiological changes (physical and chemical) that occur in the brain when the senses are activated. For example electroencephalogram (EEG) measures the electrical activity of certain groups of neurons by surface attach brain electrodes.The electrodes are inserted directly into the brain and can read the information provided by neurons. Changes in flow blood glucose, oxygen consumption in the group of active cells can also be observed.


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